J.R. Azizollahoff
Oriental Rug Consultant

Buying & Selling

Email: JoeAziz@aol.com
2601 RIDGEVIEW COURT, PARLIN, New Jersey 08859 U.S.A.
Tel: 732-525-0478

Oriental Rug Services for Designers and Consumers

Advantages of Services:
I specialize in finding rugs and filling requests from consumers and designers throughout the United States through digital photography.
Because of my knowledge, I can find rugs that are both decorative and collectible. Rugs will not retain good value unless they are good quality and bought right.
I conduct a free search of the wholesale oriental carpet market in major cities in the United States.
Because of my extensive contacts in the old and new rug trade, you are assured of the widest possible selection at the lowest possible price. You also have the benefit of selecting from my personal rug recommendations.
I will explain at length the advantages and disadvantages of the different rug types from different countries.
Before shipping, I carefully inspect the rug selected to make sure there are no imperfections in the carpet. I never sell rugs with imperfections.
I will answer any questions about carpet quality and care. For the protection of the consumer, an appraisal with essential facts about the rug selected is included with the carpet. The appraisal includes country of origin, verification that rug is handmade, rug construction, type of dyes employed, design structure, and fair retail or replacement value.
If you would like to see pictures of available rugs that meet your specifications, please fill out the form below and kindly include the following information in the comment area about the rug you are looking for:

Rug Locating Service and Contact Form

Your Full Name Company Name Your Full E-mail Address Required Phone Street Address City State Zip Country
Information Needed to Locate the
Rug you are Looking for:

1. Rug Size
2. Old or new
3. Background and highlight colors
4. Geometric or floral design
5. All over or central medallion design
6. High or low pile
7. Pale or vibrant colors
8. Wool or silk
9. Budget

Oriental Rugs Bought:
Top prices will be paid for old oriental rugs. Just email several digital pictures of the carpet with your selling price to joeaziz@aol.com or mail several color photographs to me. Offers for old carpets can be given to sellers anywhere in the United States.

My Rugs for Sale:
I am liquidating my collection of old and new rugs and pictures can be accessed below. These rugs were selected over many years from various sources and are being sold at or below my cost. I guarantee that I cannot be undersold for these rugs. I am also selling rugs from manufacturers of fine carpets at reasonable prices.
As with my brokerage/search service, any rug purchased from me includes an appraisal with information about the rug selected.

I can generally email digital pictures within 48 hours of a rug request.
Rug may be tried on approval and returned if it does not completely fulfill your needs for the space. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

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