J.R. Azizollahoff
Oriental Rug Consultant

Buying & Selling

Broker & Appraiser for Over 30 Years
Third Generation Oriental Carpet Dealer
Former Editor - "Rug News" Magazine
Lecturer & Teacher on Investing in Oriental Rugs

International Appraisals through Digital Photography

Free rug advice, Free carpet search
Selling rugs from Iran, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and China

2601 Ridgeview Court, Parlin, New Jersey, 08859
Tel. 732-525-0478
Email: joeaziz@aol.com

Author of the Best Selling Books
“The Illustrated Buyer’s Guide to Oriental Carpets”
& “Oriental Rugs from A to Z”

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The Evolution of the Oriental Carpet
Interview by "Smart Money" Magazine
The Metaphysical Carpet as a Symbol of Peace

Joe Aziz - Videos About Oriental Carpets

Color in Rugs
Reproduction of Antique Rugs
Decorative Rugs
Museum Rugs
Decorative vs Traditional Rugs
Pakistan Peshawar Rugs
Nepal/Tibetan Rugs
Rug Care & Cleaning
Fine Weave in Rugs
Flat Weave Rugs
Meditation 1

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